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Marijuana tightvac storage container



Tightvacs help you with a multitude of everyday storage issues providing solutions for everything from maximizing your cupboard organization to insuring long lasting freshness for your coffee and tea; use them for convenient travel purposes and your bulk storage needs. Tightvacs are Air-Tight, Water Resistant and Smell-Proof (extreme smelling products need degassing so air will escape through the button); Tightvacs keep the precious aromas of your goods, sealed inside the container, so that the original flavor of your food, coffee or tea is kept intact for longer than any other containers on the market. They also keep your cupboards, fridge or freezer absolutely odor free! Tightvacs also prevent any bug or pest infestation, preventing larvae, which is already in your flour and rice from hatching, keeping your food and cupboards Bug and Pest Free.

Another beneficial quality that our Vacs possess is that they are highly functional in all climate conditions, from the super humid, tropical environments to the dry cold mountain air and/or hot desert climates. Whatever you may choose to store will stay fresher in a Tightvac Climate Proof container! Your items will also stay Dust & Rust Free, which allows you to store a multitude of varied items besides food; everything from jewelry which stays tarnish free to electronics, nuts and bolts in your garage and Q-tips in your bathroom will stay high and dry in our containers.



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