Blue Buddha AAAA+/Craft


Blue Buddha AAAA+/Craft


Blue Buddha is Indica dominant hybrid strain.  Being a powerful combination of Oregon Blueberry and Sister strains of Buddha’s, this strain contains a high THC level. At first, there is a feeling of unbelievable elevation followed by drone along with immediate sensation and boasting factor. Then eventually you would feel a blur contemplation that leads to absolute mental relaxation.

Blue Buddha embryo having an aroma of seasoned soil that creates a beautiful sensation of having blueberry along with blueberry sugary tea. These are the cluster of buds with small green shaped neon enclosed by crystalline hairy amber.

Type High:Use to treat patients of ADD or ADHD, chronic stress, muscle spasms, and chronic pain due to injury or illness.
Indica / Sativa Ratio%:75/25
THC/CBD %:19-20.
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14g, 1g, 28g, 3.5g, 7g


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14g, 1g, 28g, 3.5g, 7g


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